Ballistic protection        Detonation protection           Fire protection        Noise protection







high performance lightweight

ballistic protection systems up to AP-WC
- helmets

- body armor

- ballistic plates

- protective shields









modular customized ballistic protection

systems up to VPAM 14 (i.e. STANAG 4569 level IV)




mine and IED detonation protection systems











lightweight add-on / replacement protection

systems for upgrading







Container_03 a




protective container solutions against

outer threats or for explosives / sensitive materials



containers and bins for usage in Homeland Security

and in frequented public places


explosives/personal transport solutions







facility and building blast protection systems

- modular palisades

- detonation protection for walls

- blast and ballistic protected doors









fire save watertight bulkheads up to A60



vibration resistant high performance fire protection

walls for use in seawater conditions



missile silo fire/heat and noise insulation




ballistic protection for use in seawater conditions








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